Alexander Robey is a recognised adventurer. He is keenly sought for keynote presentations about expeditions, combining adventure travel and psychology. He is respected for his relaxed and non-intrusive approach to interacting with nature. Importantly, the metaphoric language and navigating one’s inner landscape is more important for Alexander than outward recognition.

Alexander has technical alpine climbing skills, technical sea kayaking capabilities, advanced solo hiking capacity and a genuine desire and capacity to understand individual and group psychology and provide harmonious experiences. He has run guided trips, consulted for expeditions on physical training, psychological preparation and nutrition. Alexander’s wilderness photography has been commercially sold, he has appeared on tv presenting on food dehydrating and featured in various articles and publications with his adventures.

  • 2004 unsupported sea kayak of Bass Strait
  • 3 week 450km solo kayaking and hiking trip on the west coast Tasmania: featured in Wild Magazine “How the West was Won”
  • 2010 sea kayak circumnavigation of Tasmania
  • Multiple Alpine climbing trips in the Italian, Austrian and French Alps including the Matterhorn, Dolermites and Mont Blanc
  • Successfully guided a team up Denali, Alaska and solo summits of both North and South Summits
  • Cinematographer for an Australian Mt Everest Expedition in Nepal and Tibet
  • Over 20 trips and 200 days of wilderness experience in remote Tasmania


Upcoming Trips

Alexander runs a range of private guided trips and trips open to the public.

  • Rafting the Franklin River – November, Tasmania
  • Adult pilgrimage – November, West Coast Tasmania
  • “Schoolies” adventure trip – November, South West Tasmania

Alexander Robey, international speaker, clinical hypnotherapist, mediator, psychotherapist

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