Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy

Alexander Robey is a clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist with over 5000 hours of professional 1 on 1 service delivery. Private health insurance rebates are available.

Whether it is a long-term concern that requires ongoing sessions or a short quick intervention, Alexander has worked with a diverse range of challenges. Combining clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, Alexander’s vast experience and a highly intuitive sense in a session provides the greatest insight to the core of the challenge and the key aspects that will create change with clients.

There are two approaches. Remove that which is holding someone back. Enhance that which promotes health, vitality, insight and energy.

Clients contact me with some of the following.

  • Habits such as lifestyle choices with smoking and poor diet, weight fluctuations, relationship patterns, collecting, rigidity, superiority and personality patterns.
  • Mood disruption through stress, anxiety, depression, grief, fear and hurt.
  • Self-sabotage where old disruptive patterns persist.
  • Personal safety concerns with suicide ideation, domestic and family violence, diminished self-care, increased risk taking behaviour and general apathy.
  • Negative thoughts that influence confidence and performance, prevent living a healthy and prosperous life, increase sleeplessness and a busy mind.
  • Limiting beliefs that hold a client back or feels like the brake is slightly on when trying to go forward.
  • Loss of motivation and direction through procrastination, burnout, life stage transition, career change, decreased energy, depressed mood.
  • Life is not great, but it’s not bad, it’s in the grey zone of ok where it’s time for a change, a challenge and to stretch oneself in a new way or to a greater capacity.

Performance coaching to get the most out of life or performance in a certain context, whether it be the sports arena, the executive board room, a test, an interview, relationship conflict, a negotiation or peak performance.


Coaching enhances a person’s life through a range of strategies focused on the positive movement forward. While coaching may address roadblocks, it differs to a therapeutic approach through a positive psychology approach. Support with direction, insight into core values, understanding of behaviour, goals and action plans, life direction are some of the areas Alexander works with. Alexander utilises a career inventory for those unsure of their career choices and has experience with small business owners get the most out of their business.

Family Mediation and Therapy

Alexander has been trained in family law mediation and combined with his psychology training and clinical practise, is able to assist in family disputes. It is important to note, that appropriate legal advice is sometimes necessary and may be a parallel or a substitute service. However, too often, family disputes go straight to a legal arena without appropriate intervention services.

Family mediation comes in many forms. Relationship breakdown, separation, deceased estates and dividing of family processions, time with children in split family units, and extended family conflict.

Mediation involves mediating a dispute between two parties.

Alexander has a range of important information to help parents understand the developmental challenges and concerns for children at times of separation and ongoing with time shard between households.

Family therapy requires both parties to commit to a therapeutic process that is respectful and appropriate to bring about a change in the relationship dynamic

Workshops and Speaking

Alexander delivers a range of engaging and interactive workshops and presentations and has over 10,000 hours of experience.

A workshop will involve small participate numbers and be highly interactive with a focused key outcome. A presentation will be to larger audiences and even though interactive, will engage the audience without a facilitation process.

6 broad areas cover a range of topics for adults, adolescence and children:

  1. Emotional intelligence
  2. Wellness and positive psychology
    1. Meditation and mindfulness
  3. Developmental
    1. Rites of passage
    2. Specialty areas for children
  4. Motivation and lifestyle
  5. Adventure, travel and survivor psychology
  6. Professional development
    1. Corporate professionals
    2. Mental health workers
    3. Facilitators

Alexander presentations and workshops range from 30 minute power packed presentations, 2 to 3 hour specialty workshops, full day intensives and weekend programs. 8 days is the longest continuous program Alexander has facilitated for professionals. Alexander has run a range of 5 day to 1 month programs for long term unemployed.

Current Public Events include: rites of passage, meditation for children, meditation for adults, quietening a busy mind, men’s circle, into the heart, emotional intelligence and communication.

Current trends in professional training include: domestic and family violence, facilitator skills, case management, suicide awareness and risk management, professional practise techniques, life balance, burnout prevention and life stage transition, workplace conflict.

For specific workshops/ presentation needs and a full list of modules, please contact Alexander directly.

Steps in Booking a Session

Perhaps you are interested in contacting me because:

  • Someone you know may need some assistance,
  • There’s something for you to change (mood, habit, challenge, thought, something to exclude from your life),
  • You wish to achieve something meaningful (goal orientated and positive),


I have found some clients have wanted one or two sessions to overcome a challenge, but hesitate in gaining support thinking they will end up in a long therapy process. I provide techniques and strategies that work in a range of short to longer intervention timeframes.

Don’t think you need therapy but know you need some assistance, well think coaching with a therapeutic processes, just like top athletes and executives do with me to gain peak performance.

If you’re worried about what may pop up, or a session may be uncomfortable and disruptive to everyday life, my clients have consistently commented that they feel encouraged at the ease in their progress in my sessions. The hardest part was making the call.


For your peace of mind, there are different options and easy steps.

Goal orientated: a coaching approach; which may include a one off session to kick start the process, a few sessions to ensure effectiveness with your strategies or ongoing coaching to stay on track and accountable

Problem/ challenge orientated: a therapeutic approach which may include a one off session, but usually several sessions depending on the presenting concerns. Please be aware that I do not offer 1 hour quit smoking sessions, as this is a two to three session process.


Do you want:

  • To get rid of a problem as quickly as possible, perhaps in one quick and easy session never to see me again? It’s ok if you do!
  • A longer one off session for direction and motivation with a goal; or a strategy for a challenge?
  • Or several sessions?
  • Or deeper work that will involve a longer treatment plan or coaching program?

Not sure? A quick and easy phone conversation will clear it up.

Or send me an email with one or two sentences about what you’re looking for, contact information, best time to contact you and when you would like to have a session.

Men’s Work

Alexander offers a range of services for men only.

Alexander is highly experienced in men’s work, facilitating men’s circles, workshops, gatherings, ceremonies, training of men as facilitators. Alexander also offers 1 on 1 services for men and is comfortable working with men from different demographics, cultures and sexual orientation.

Women’s Work

Alexander has worked with women for over 20 years. Whether it be meditation groups, workshops for women or longer 5 day intensives. Programs and workshops have focused in areas of employment, healthy independence, confidence and self-esteem, lifestyle choices, domestic and family violence, healthy strategies and relationship/ communication.

Alexander has extensive experience working with women in a 1 on 1 setting and family counselling. Alexander considers his role working with women affected by family and domestic violence an honour as a male to support women through and out of such challenges, often in a multidisciplinary approach.

While Alexander’s approach is professional and empathetic, it sometimes is not appropriate to work with some women.

Alexander Robey, international speaker, clinical hypnotherapist, mediator, psychotherapist

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