Alexander Robey has a personal commitment to supporting community, through a contribution to community groups and initiatives to foster healthy interactions with support for individuals.

If your community organisation is interested in engaging Alexander’s professional services, please understand that many requests are received which need to be juggled with both professional work and ongoing voluntary contribution.

Alexander’s 20+ years volunteer work includes a range of community initiatives in the area of domestic and family violence, which includes the 2016 City of Choice (Logan) Safer Communities Symposium.

Alexander has 22 years contribution at the Relaxation Centre facilitating a range of 3 hour workshops, weekend intensives, meditation and support with marketing.

Alexander worked significantly with men over the last 13 years to develop healthier families and well men. The work includes:

12 years crisis support for men at risk:

  • community men’s groups,
  • facilitation of workshops at men’s gatherings and emotional first aid,
  • working committee for the 2013 Manhood Men’s Gathering, a 2 night residential for 130 men,
  • training of facilitators for men’s work,
  • 4 years mentoring of a man with Asperger’s,
  • Not Alone Initiative: to support men at key times of risk: father’s day, Christmas and Easter
  • Golden Stick Award: to acknowledge men who contribute to community

Alexander has over 20 years volunteer work with children, coaching sports teams, speaking at schools/ sporting teams, workshops, youth at risk, motivational presentations,

Other support include natural disaster response with emotional first aid and ongoing environmental project in the Gold Coast Hinterland (since 2004).

Alexander Robey, international speaker, clinical hypnotherapist, mediator, psychotherapist

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